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How Hedda addressed the crew just after my first banning.
Greetings everyone!

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--                               Originally, this website was to be to help promote, a site I have loved and given MUCH to,
                                                   but in lieu of the latest stunt by the owner, it has taken on a whole new agenda.

-This site is going to reveal the REAL truth behind!-
In regards to my graphics and ALL my work on
     In regards to ANY and ALL of MY creativity on NO ONE is allowed to use it, alter or modify it, or anything
without my expressed written permission per item on the site itself or off
This INCLUDES Elftown members as well.

     In lieu of what transpired on 2011-08-26, making it abundantly 
clear BY THE OWNER that I am not wanted on the site, just after a
     particular message was placed in my guestbook on by Hans. So then, neither is my creativity to be used by
anyone, INCLUDING Elftown members as well, unless I have given my expressed written permission per item, per creative work of
     mine of ANY kind to an individual AFTER 2011-08-26. I, Artsieladie, aka Sharon 
Donnelly, am the SOLE COPYRIGHT OWNER of
     my creative works, whether they be art-art, written, con
cepts, ideas, etc.. 
     No one has or has been the given the right to preside over ANY of MY work whatsoever. NO ONE, not even Henrik Hedda Wallin! 
     Since he is the one holding my creativity hostage, disallowing me access to MY WORK, if MY copyright is infringed upon in ANY 
     way: ANY of MY WORK used, modified, destroyed, stolen, etc., it is "he" that will be held accountable as well as anyone else whom
     takes part in
the infringing. 
     If there is anyone that needs to do some serious explaining, it is the owner of particularly his involvement with the sub-
     ject matter just below for starters, for which he is denying knowing 'anything' about, in spite of the fact the data presented points directly
     at him. 
I have been treated like crap by both him and several others on, and I think it is a fair and just, reasonable expec-
     tation and fully within MY rights to deny others, regardless of whom they are, the use of MY work, because first, it IS mine and I have
     the FULL say about MY WORK, and second, it is not right to treat someone as I've been treated and then still 
expect to have the priv-
     ilege to use my work in ANY way, shape, or form, when meanwhile the creator of said work 
has been treated like garbage and then
     kicked to the curb and all because the creator began to ask questions. 
     But yet I've been told on the site that I should not be or see things this way. Basically, in a nutshell I was told I should just leave, 
     but leave my work for others to be able to make use of and enjoy. But.. I'm not supposed to feel slighted or offended and the fact 
     that object to such treatment, I'm accused then of being overly dramatic and harbouring a "tortured soul"! In fact two terms that 
     were used to describe me were: "psychobitch 3 and drama queen" and there's a whole lot more that has been directed at me, 
     which I can also present to the world, if it comes to this point, from several members' diaries, guestbooks, and forum postings. If 
     my hand is forced to do this, I will do exactly this. Then those whom have looked down their noses at me, jeered and ridiculed me, 
     took pleasure in victimising me even more, can feel just a little of what they have put me through.

     I'm expected to take whatever is flung at me on the chin, but say nothing. Then to be threatened by the owner that my name would be
     permanently defiled across the Internet should I tell my side of things, tells me the truth must bear with it something that could result in
     some unpleasant repercussions for the one threatening should it surface. If there is nothing hidden or to hide, what IS the problem? It
     is a well known fact, those with information to divulge that could expose "secret activity" of another or others, are very often intimidated
     by threats and acts of malice made against them, all to keep the whistleblower from spilling the beans. In lieu of being presented with
     some pertinent information recently, displaying a person on the site has had it on their agenda to get rid of my presence on the site
     since 2007, this explains a whole lot. But yet, this person has been thrown in my face over and over and over again, that "I" am the one
     that transgressed against this person, when in fact, the person HAS had it on THEIR AGENDA to get rid of me AND well BEFORE
     anything even began to unravel. Therefore, my gut instincts, have been right on the money!

The Topic of Interest... AND just ONE of the umpteen forum postings I have in my "collection of 'saved data'"!

Hedda's addressing of the Crew Forum!

Apparently not everyone gets the fight around [*Artsie_ladie*] so I'll do a "quick" explanation:

She thinks that a lot of people spend most of their time plotting against her. She sends messages to everyone about how awful others have treated her. And then when [Sunrose] ended their friendship because [*Artsie_ladie*] was talking shit about her to everyone, then [*Artsie_ladie*] came to the conclusion that [Sunrose] ended the relation because I complimented on [*Artsie_ladie*]'s work and [Sunrose] was jealous.

Then [*Artsie_ladie*] kept on whining about that no one is helping her. But every damn time when we try to help her like we did when everyone jumped on to work on elftown dreamers' contest, then she freaks out and sees all the helping as a direct attack on her and then just throws away all her own and our others' work. (We should still start that contest, I think. It sound like fun.)

And what finally made her snap was that [Lothuriel] tried to help out with the MC by thinking for herself instead of doing exactly what [*Artsie_ladie*] says.

Then [*Artsie_ladie*] goes around and talks shit about all the council (and especially [Sunrose] even if she's no longer involved).

So if you have read any of [*Artsie_ladie*]'s shit:

No, we don't hate each other in the council. [Sunrose] and everyone else she blames aren't bad! And I'm not the best person in the world, like she says, either.

In the council we do have different opinions and fight them out. The council work seldom about taking orders from me! It's about helping shaping Elftown as you want it! I can veto stuff, but I try not to do it and make things so that as many people as possible are happy.

And I do expect the same from you if you take charge of an official contest or something. This isn't the US-military were you can make orders without explaining them until everyone understands. It might be a pain to totally explain why every little detail has to be done when people don't agree, but it's very effective in the long run.

I just hope you can understand the disrespect for the chain of command that we have here, and don't freak out and fight all the time like [*Artsie_ladie*].

[*Artsie_ladie*] is banned from Elftown at the moment as she was running amok to destroy her stuff, so I banned her until she has cooled down and knows what she's doing. I really doubt that she'll ever be back into the council, because despite that she does truckloads of work, she causes even more problems when we constantly have to inform everyone that not everyone is trying to hurt her and then also inform everyone that she's talking to that she's insane.

See also <blog:1073658>!

Thank you, [Hedda]!

Now I will defend myself... because I was never given the chance to otherwise.
"Eh-um" ended her relation with me WITHIN MINUTES after Hedda gave me a compliment on a project page, "his" project idea, page.
affiliated with I created, that she had told him to "shove up his a**" and tried to talk me into walking away from as well. She also quit
as Elftown's vice mayor, oh, about an hour after finding out that Hedda and I had started a relation on CatHug, which I still wonder
whom it was that ran right to her and told her. Since Hedda, my daughter, and I were the ONLY ones that knew, and I didn't tell her and
my daughter didn't tell her, I guess the person that couldn't wait to rub it in to her was Hedda! Just pointing out some "additional" facts
that Hedda left out. As he also left out that she has been trying to get rid of me since 2007, and didn't care much "how" I was gotten rid
of, as long as I was, and waaaaaaaay before anything here began to unravel, and even before I became suspicious of weird and
unexplainable things going on. She also didn't know what Hedda saw in me anyway, wrote moods such as: "I will not let them deify
you" and "Done did it" right after I was banned (this first time) and what about the alarm she posted saying she and Hedda were
playing around, but the alarm was promptly taken down and then she had "Sorries" in her mood?

Everyone jumped on the Dreamers' Contest? There were a few crew that offered their input, AFTER I HAD ALREADY MADE IT, which
I did not have a problem with. Actually I liked the fact that some of the crew took an interest. But, it was Hedda that filleted me in front
of everyone, including telling me that there are to be NO links or anything on the bottom of an official entries' page. But yet, go look at
all the "official" entries' pages and what will be seen at the bottom? Why links of course! I guess Hedda was angry with me for just
sending him a nice Christmas gift. I won't make the same mistake again, however. So here everyone can see first hand that he's
instigating the crew to take over, STEAL, "my" contest that "I" thought of and put together, and of course, underhandedly, because
being banned, I couldn't protest to having "my" contest stolen from me!

No, what made me snap is when Lothuriel accused me of playing games when I was placing the titles at the top of the pages AS HEDDA WANTED DONE! Which he stated so on the MC page just after my banning here. See: MC - And go back through the comments until you see Hedda's on 2009-04-08:

2009-04-08 [Hedda]: I want a proper headline, not just the graphics.

2009-04-08 [Chimes]: Isn't that a bit pointless though? You have the graphic there as the headline, why have the 'title' twice? It makes either the headline or the graphic redundant... depending on which you prefer.

2009-04-08 [Hedda]: The thing is that graphics look nice and the heading is easier to read. It's not optimal, but the heading is very nice to have if you're googling for the "contest deadlines" or if you want to know what this page is about.

This IS exactly what I was doing, working on, on the "official wiki-pages" was placing the "title" on the "top of the official wiki-pages".
Lothuriel accused me of playing games because I was and because I copied and pasted what Hedda had said a number of times in other places on the site. But... instead of stating that "I" was only doing as "he" had asked to BE done, defending "me", no, he did not!

I have said stuff about how I felt I was being treated. I admit I shouldn't have, but what was I supposed to do with my gripes? Was there
anyone that REALLY wanted to listen to me or what "I" had to say? But may I also add here... that Hedda, dear sweet Hedda, is getting
a LOT of his information from MY SECRET DIARIES, where I should have been able to say ANYTHING for they are NOT public. I had
every right to vent in my secret diaries without Hedda using what I write in them privately to throw in my face or stab me in the back
with or repeat "publicly" or "share" with ANYONE. So what gives him the right to read my private stuff and then repeat it TO ANYONE!?

I don't remember ever thinking that the members of the crew "hate" each other. Yes, I have said that you all "stick together", though.
"No, apparently, Hedda, you are not the best person in the world, now are you?" But what he's also not telling everyone is how I let him
have it in my SECRET DIARIES! I did and I wasn't gentle when I was angry at him, but I also made sure that I told him what I admired
him for. Has he told anyone this? Just curious! Hedda has known for a long time how much I admired him and thought of him.

The next two paragraphs aren't all that clear, but I'm guessing because I went to the crew to get their opinion on what everyone thought
I should do with entries in a Valentine Competition I was modding that didn't have backgrounds. To be honest, I didn't know whether to
just make the decision or ask the crew. I thought if I didn't at least run something by the crew, then I would be accused of not asking the
crew what they thought, but yet, when I did, I was ostracised for asking the crew what they thought anyway. One of those instances
when I felt I was damned if I did, but yet also damned if I didn't.

I still don't remember the word fight. Argue and dicker about something to death, yes, but umm... *scratches chin* ..but not fight. But...
Hedda did tell me that it is MY memory that must be failing me.

This paragraph has got to be the biggest line of crap. He felt I was running amok to destroy MY stuff? Oh how big of him to be soooooo
concerned and on Easter with he being an atheist whom hates Easter and has stated so!? My stuff is MY stuff AND so, I can do with
MY stuff as I see fit and Hedda nor anyone else has NO say in what I do with MY stuff! But... even so... dah, folks! I CANNOT DELETE
straight, I wouldn't have even given it a single thought to tell him. I told Hedda out of respect so he wouldn't be just left high and dry.
Yes, I was upset. I was very upset and I was thinking that it might be best if I just left Elftown, because after Lothuriel accused me of
playing games when all I was doing was as Hedda wanted, it was the straw that broke the camel's back. But... my "respect for Hedda"
got me banned! How rewarding!

But.... Hedda was so damn furious with me that I would even consider leaving Elftown, he decided to make damn sure he would hurt
me in return and he sure as hell did. By banning me for doing nothing wrong and for some cock-a-meme story he concocted, to make it
look "authentically appropriate" in everyone's eyes, but did anyone actually pay attention and realise that "I" cannot destroy anything on
Hedda's site? That I cannot delete anything on Hedda's site that would be for the community? No, no one did! The entire crew
apparently bought his bloody story hook, line, and sinker. So in the process, my reputation was smeared all over the Internet as being
some banned member like I did some terrible, terrible thing wrong. If Hedda had been thinking clearly himself, he would have not done
what he did. He was soo concerned about MY stuff, but by defacing me, he also defaced ALL of MY stuff as well. Hedda likes my art,
but it is "he" that defaced it, not I. ..And then removing that little red heart he knew I treasured, he knew by that maneuver that he would
then drive home just how pissed off and I imagine hurt as well, he was that I would consider leaving. 'Course, not that "he" would ever
admit it, bec-a-u-s-e if he did, he might find himself in for a good "ass whooping"! <_< Me bad! :P

Just a little sidenote here.... When he then went back on his word about Elf12 and then humiliated me some more there, too, my stuff
on Elf12 WAS DESTROYED AND DELETED, but... NOT BY ME! It's perfectly alright though, that "he" can destroy MY stuff, delete My
stuff, defile MY stuff, that "he" can allow others to destroy MY stuff, delete MY stuff, but.. "I" must be totally and completely defiled and
humiliated just because "he thought (or so he made it appear this way, because he KNOWS I can't REMOVE ANYTHING from "his"
server.) I was going to do my OWN stuff in"? pfffffffffft

About the diary link? It has vanished since from sight (Unknown entry.) and how convenient! But that's okay, because I already have it,
as I already have soooo much other stuff from forums, diaries, guestbooks, messages, comments, etc., etc.. PLUS all the "pleasant"
emails and messages from dear Hedda... and why? Because I feel like its me alone that must prove MY innocence, because the real
truth tellers refuse to stand up to the plate. Knowing this, I have fully prepared myself for the worst possible scenario. Not hoping for it,
mind you, but prepared for it, kinda' like the saying: "Prepare for the worst, but hope for the best." ...And I'm still hoping for the best
even though some just think I'm some drama queen, psychobitch 3, a paranoid lunatic with an over active, hallucinating imagination,
etc., etc..

Why don't you ask Hedda whom it is he dreams about? Oh Facebook! Oh CatHug secret diaries! (..and all saved!) Umm... or why that
Dreamers' Contest really got to him? Ooh, me so bad! *evil grin* Eh, just for shits and giggles, of course! Oooh, it gives me an idea for
a contest! Why, yes! A trivia contest... lol Need I say more? ..And yes, I am still trying to maintain just a little sense of humour, which
would be great if we could all together look back at this one day, and laugh, but with the sense all the same that we all learned a very
valuable lesson or a few. I have certainly learned many through this mess, and mostly very painful lessons and ones that I will NOT
soon forget!
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