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#47 | 2011-10-07 12:23:08, EST | Artsieladie   | Ranking 8

You're most welcome, but you've so earned my respect and adoration. ♥ :)

As I said in my other guestbook, I've done an extensive amount of research in this area. I also have read an article written about computer programmers, in which was covered a noted tendency among many CPs to have narcissistic traits.

However, I had a friend of many years that many were far to eager to write off, because he was simply misread by others. If I had followed along and dismissed him as others did, I would have not had the benefit of having his friendship, which he became one of my best friends.

Just because things appear to be or even because some people appear to be something that fits into certain criteria, it does not necessarily mean that whatever is etched in stone automatically.

He doesn't help himself by his lack of 'conventional' communication for sure, but there could very well be reasons, other than what's provided in accordance to a set of guidelines. Granted these guidelines are set down by professionals in the field, but not ALL 'possible' candidates fall within them nonetheless.

...And I probably seem like I am defending him still. Perhaps I am, but until all the facts are in or I have enough to prove to me one way or the other, I cannot take any definite stand, but rather, try to keep an open mind to see on both sides of the coin.

I appreciate your patience, though, more than you know. Not many would have the patience and understanding that you have shown me. *HUG* ♥

#46 | 2011-10-07 00:17:12, EST | Hans   | Ranking 10

2) When a person becomes suspicious of what they are dealing with N people will stop at nothing to ruin that person's reputation which is exactly what he is doing and manipulating others to help him do it. Everyone involved needs to wake up and see this person for what he really is because if people don't he will keep moving on to his next victim and the next and so on. He is in the perfect position with the technical knowledge to torment many others just as he has tormented you. No one is exempt from being his victim.

Those believing they are smart enough to avoid manipulation are prime candidates to be manipulated and these people help to enhance the skills of the manipulator for with each new prey brings a new challenge to conquer and the victory becomes another trophy signifying the increased and better mastering of their art of manipulation. Even though I know the signs I can't say with absolute certainty I can't be manipulated in the future. Not by him but there are other predators out there waiting and watching for their next victim and I am not exempt either.

He doesn't like me because I am onto him. I am a huge roadblock in his path. I prevent him from completing his mission. He attempted to turn me against you as he has been able to do with many others both directly and indirectly, especially liking the indirect route because it keeps his hands clean, but when that didn't work he went back to remove the evidence. Unfortunately for him though everything in the email account had been backed up.

N people are cowardly. They select the easiest route because they are afraid the real, deep, dark secret about themselves will be discovered should their real agenda be challenged by a person having knowledge to expose them.

Sharon you saw good in him because he planned it that way and he knew that you are a good person and you tend to think there is good in everyone. Add into it the fact you had recently gone through the loss of your mother when it began and he had another catalyst to work in his favour. Instigating dissension between you and a key player on his site made his game that much easier knowing that others would fall in automatically behind her making it seem like he had nothing to do with any of it. The drama produced is just the icing on his cake which he relishes and thrives on.

Similarly he resents your daughter and this is why he threw her in your face. He used her as a connection on FB between you and he. She did a very smart move when she blocked him. If he messes with her however in any way like invading her privacy in any way he will be messing with the United States Military's property then and the United States Military does NOT take kindly to their property being messed with. They need very little reason to protect their own and suspicious activity is reason enough.

He will and has slipped up and at some point when there is a definite defeat in place he, the predator, shall become the prey. ;)

#45 | 2011-10-06 23:24:38, EST | Hans   | Ranking 10

1) Wow, m'lady! I am so honoured! I love you! ♥ I see the same thing to be true with the ranking. I pay attention to it since you told me about it.

I am sharing this webpage of interest: It was good to see your article first and republished. Well written. On the same webpage the second article was very enlightening too. If you click on the origin of the article there are many more. I think Sharon it would be good for you to read as well as others who have become involved. The articles will give you insight to what type of person you are trying to deal with and have tried to. There is no dealing with a person without a conscience. The url:

I think it is time for everyone involved to begin to face facts. One key excerpt: "So, never, never, never underestimate their powers of con artistry and manipulation. They can and will fool ANYONE."

In my line of work I've had the misfortune of confronting a few of these N people. This is why I recognised the characteristic traits and I have believed all along the what you have been up against. He used your empathy for him and your love of the site against you. Empathy has no meaning to N people. They are incapable of feeling it but they make good use of the empathy of others. He's been manipulating you into thinking he cared for you and very cleverly in ways others can't see while on the flip side he's been manipulating others into thinking it is you that has flipped your lid.

My first encounter with one, I was manipulated into thinking the way he wanted me to think. A colleague of mine gave me some enlightening information allowing me to see the manipulations for what they were: manipulative acts.

Don't blame yourself or feel foolish. No one fooled by these master manipulators should ever feel foolish or they lack intelligence. These types are just so good at what they do. Like written in the articles they are always in this manipulative mode. The continual and constant practice of their art of manipulation makes for perfection of their craft. They can change identities in an instant so you can find yourself dealing with several different personalities which they also use in their grand scheme of manipulation. They don't communicate nor do they want to. They are all about making an impression, not a real one but one they think will suit their purpose at any given time. Most people avoid conflict. N people thrive on it and use the dissension to their benefit.

#44 | 2011-10-06 20:35:28, EST | Artsieladie   | Ranking 8

Hmmmm..... I had a Google ranking of one, both for and for this guestbook. Now that I've written about Hans and being my inspiration and such, I no longer have "any" Google ranking. Just noting this bit of info... for the record.

#43 | 2011-10-05 09:56:34, EST | Artsieladie   | Ranking 8

Thank you for your vote of confidence. Thank you for your compliments in regards to my work and noticing the detailed aspects. But thank you mostly for always being there when I need you to be, always boosting my spirits, always there to prop me up, when all I want to do is give up. You ARE my knight in shining armor, my warrior, and a true inspiration!

So.. "My Knight: Sir Hans"
Take me in your arms,
Bring me aboard your steed;
Whisk me away with you to a place
Untouched by jealousy, hate, and greed.

Into the sunset, together let us ride,
Arm in arm and always side by side.
Rescue my weary heart with your velvet touch;
Protect it from evil forces having tread on it so much.

Take me to a place where truth and love prevail,
Free from shark infested waters, calmer seas to sail.
Fight off all the demons like you always do.
Wrap me in your arms and keep me close to you!

© 2011-10-05 Artieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly

#42 | 2011-10-04 20:06:27, EST | Hans   | Ranking 10

I know you have worked hard at overcoming so much in your life. Your hard work has paid off. You are a strong person and a person I am not only privileged to know but fortunate to have in my corner as a loyal friend and much more.

About your work, beautiful m'lady. Your work is always beautiful though. I'll be anxiously awaiting to see the completed work. Your attention to detail is also indicative of how you are as a person. Everything involved with both the rider and the horse are impeccably done, the bridle, the saddle, and the boots with the lacing, amazing! I like the swords too. Love it all. Love you! ♥ -Hans

#41 | 2011-09-24 17:23:53, EST | Artsieladie   | Ranking 8

Thank you Hans. Busy with new art and creating a forum. I'll be working more on which will provide background info to show I've had to work hard at where I am today, particularly in reference to my character status. ♥ *HUG*

#40 | 2011-09-16 22:40:15, EST | Hans   | Ranking 10

3) You are a person with principles which you stand by even in the face of adversity. You will defend anyone, friend or foe, if you think they're being treated unjustly based on principle setting aside personal differences if any. You are normally placid and mild, reserved and modest but given due cause or challenged you can become feisty, a force unexpected with the strength and resiliency of a 1000 lions. Your weapon of choice is the truth.

You are simple in that you're easily pleased, demanding and wanting little but you lavish those you love with all you have. You are also a uniquely designed, prismatic complexity molded by what life has dealt you and your desire to work with and make better who you are. You are not ostentatious.

You prefer working in the background, while allowing your work and contributions to represent you instead of a photo, the cover as you like to put it. You are both predictable and unpredictable, believing everyone needs to retain some mystical qualities.

You are unselfish, giving and forgiving, compassionate and understanding. You enjoy doing to benefit others, doing it willingly with your best efforts and with joy in your heart. No task is too big or wasted time if the end result can be a positive or beneficial one. Anything worth doing is worth doing right or not at all. You don't give up easily even when most are long gone. Your reward is the happiness and benefits you can bring to others.

You feel the pain of others as though it were your own because you know what real pain is through enduring so many and much of your own. You're patient beyond imaginable especially with someone you love but even with those who deliberately test it.

You are accommodating and willing to meet another more than half way if need be and sometimes if not. You are easy to talk to, easy to be with because I don't have to worry about how I am with you. I can say what I'm thinking and feeling no matter what it is I have on my mind. You focus on the content rather than the delivery.

You are a tremendous asset in my life. Knowing I have you in my corner strengthens my own person and builds my self confidence. There are few people I can say with certainty I know would always have my back covered. You are one of these few. You complete my life in a way no one else can. For I to not recognise, appreciate and cherish having you in my life, I would have to be a complete moron, a fool. I am neither of these. No matter what our futures hold, you and I will ALWAYS be friends.

You are not ugly or pathetic, but a beautiful person, woman and lady inside and out. I know your mother is proud of who you are as I am. Anyone fortunate enough to be in your heart is truly blessed. I love you and I know you love me in all the ways that count the most. ♥ -Hans -hug-

#39 | 2011-09-16 22:29:50, EST | Hans   | Ranking 10

2) Openly with malice they make fun of you when they aren't qualified to do so. Speaking from the lack of knowledge based on the tainted opinions of another who also is knowledge lacking, is ignorance personified.

Although you need no defending because your integrity speaks for itself, I will speak on your behalf to set the record straight. I AM qualified because I know you personally and have known you for over 3 years. It seems I have known you forever however because it's difficult to picture my life without you being a part of it.

I am in a writing mood mostly because you deserve to have someone say something from a knowledgeable therefore qualified standpoint. The constant negative innuendo is not just misplaced and inapplicable, it is rooted in jealousy, lies and deceit.

I remember when I first met you. You were shy, reserved, and quiet. When I complimented you on your appearance you blushed and tried to minimise my attention. You said you were a person like none I'd ever meet, you meaning you were odd, little did I know at the time you would live up to this in a way I could have never expected or imagined. You are not odd. You are uniquely beautiful.

I have known many people in my life, but you are about as real as they come. You are genuine and sincere, honest and forthright, and you believe there is good in everyone, even those who choose to be your enemy. You're an optimist. Although you believe in preparing for the worst, you always hope for the best. To you the glass is half full rather than half empty.

You're of a serious mind when needed but silly and goofy when not. Even when you're feeling beaten and down, your sense of humour remains alive, always able to find something to laugh about and your laughter is contagious.

You are mischievous and fun loving, acutely intuitive. You like pushing the limits whenever possible but you respect those you shouldn't, knowing the difference.

You're a thinker, a philosopher with theories based on your own life's experiences and diversified interests and knowledge. You're a learner, always open to increase your knowledge. Your mind is never on hold.

You're determined and passionate, devoted and loyal, respectful and trustworthy. You're both a woman and a lady, knowing when and how to present yourself as either or both. A private person, you respect the privacy of others as you would like others to do the same with your own.

#38 | 2011-09-16 22:20:09, EST | Hans   | Ranking 10

1) Sharon, you don't have to apologise to me. You haven't written anything here I don't already know. I was forewarned though because I received your text message beforehand. Even when you are dealing with your own emotional stress you manage to think about someone else and theirs. People who judge you harshly don't know you like I do.

I know you have spent much time writing this but I highly doubt it will make a difference. Closed minds can't make allowances for thinking outside of the box. If they were capable they would be more willing to understand and see things from your perspective. People with preset minds for believing the worst about another are reluctant to change and therefore refuse to admit when they are wrong.

You have said more than enough with backup data supporting your reasoning and conclusions proving you aren't making anything up. If people are so small they can't allow for concessions when information has been presented to prove their own misgivings, you are better off extricating them from your life. They aren't worth the salt in your tears. You have cried a river because of this but heartless people don't care. All they care about is preserving their own dignity even if it costs another theirs and even when they are proven wrong.

People who blindly follow another's agenda based on another's assumptions, perspectives and opinions are unable to stand on their own. Because you choose to review what is presented, then form your own opinion without allowing another to form it for you, blind followers see you as a threat when your conclusions are not in agreement with theirs and the one or ones they are following. The leader or leaders in position particularly feel threatened because they are afraid different ideals from their own will catch on instigating change which could ultimately result in a change of leadership. When there are people in a position of power deciding the continuing position or positions of power, with no checks in place, this defies change, eliminates democracy, and sets the stage for dictatorships to take hold.

You are a threat because you refuse to follow. You want and are constantly for the community to have more say. You aren't afraid to speak out against agendas and policies designed or meant to please a few but at the same time believe that agendas and policies should be accommodating to the needs and interests of even a few among the much larger entity. You are against double standards irregardless of whom they suit and you loathe flattery for the sake of gaining favour. You believe in giving credit whenever due, but you don't appreciate those seeking credit for each small task they do.

Some people don't like my speaking on your behalf, about the real you. They don't want to hear about the person you are from one who knows you. This is evident on your own page. They like what you create but they mock the creator, an example of stupidity. They are too stupid to realise their own contradiction. They couldn't wait to hide what I wrote. The truth hurts.

#37 | 2011-09-15 15:59:49, EST | Artsieladie   | Ranking 8


This is not about getting even with Hedda, not in the least. Am I hurt? Am I angry? Yes, most definitely. But I can't get back the time I've spent frustrated. I can't revert the past, particularly three and a half years of my life. I can't undo some of my own miscalculations stemming from trying to figure out the entire scenario. But I can offer forgiveness and understanding to a person for mistakes made, if I am afforded the opportunity to do so, as I would also hope for the same in return. This is a very important part in the caring about another. I can do the same with others, if they will afford me the opportunity, and vice versa, for regardless what some may think, I do not hate anyone. I may dislike, even hate, what has transpired, but my dislike lies not with any one person or persons, it lies with the act or action of.

But this is also a two-way street. Since not a single one of us is perfect, myself included, we are all works in progress. Therefore, we all make mistakes. What is really tragic however, is if we don't learn from them and in order to learn from them, we first have to recognise and acknowledge them. Again, myself included.

But for what it's worth now, I do love Hedda and no matter what he does, no matter what he has done, this will NEVER change. Hedda still holds a special place in my heart, because he allowed me to look inside his own, whether he is aware of this or not or wants to believe it or not. Hedda knows I love his sites, especially Elftown. He knows I love the way he has built/programmed them, designed them, and everything else about them. I don't want them changed to look like any other website. I want them to always have that "special Hedda touch and flavour". He also knows I believed so much in Elftown and its potential, but even more importantly I believed in the man that made it all possible and I never forgot just whom it was that created the place I enjoyed so much.

If anyone has a problem with the fact that I love Hedda, including Hedda? Too bad! Take it up with the Pope. It is what it is. It just happened. Why? I'll never really know. I know one thing for sure and this is, I will never forget that dream.. thee dream and Hedda knows exactly what dream I am speaking of. Just as Hedda also knows of a very special place created to honour him. ..And no, I won't be dismantling it.

All I ask is: "If you, Hedda, want nothing to do with me, as you have said, then please, please.. just leave me alone. Give me back ALL of MY stuff and change my name on your sites, because I don't think I should be promoting your sites through the use of MY name, the very same you're defiling. If I'm not good enough after all I've done for you and your sites, this is fine, but then neither is MY name, My creativity good enough either. If this isn't the case? Then the ball is in your court. You know how to contact me. It's YOUR choice, but I won't leave it on the table forever. ..And this beef you have with Hans? There is no beef."

...And Hans... sorry! ;♥; *HUG*

#36 | 2011-09-15 15:56:12, EST | Artsieladie   | Ranking 8


If I had known without doubt what his true intentions were, things would have turned out a whole lot differently, everything would have remained just between him and I, but he never afforded me the opportunity to be able to communicate with him in a normal or conventional way, and so, not with the information as to why he has pursued the avenues he has. I was left guessing and trying to figure it all out from whatever pieces I could fit together. Such gets quite frustrating after awhile.

But then add into this equation the fact that I was in a position I did not really want to be in. This person whom I had grown to admire, this person whom I had learned sooooo much from for I watched how he did things, this person whom had built this awesome place I so loved to be involved with.. and what was I doing? I was questioning this person's involvement with unexplained occurrences. I didn't want to, but things just kept pointing in his direction.

I went through a period of denial. I tried to find other ways to explain things or to reflect away from him. In no way, shape, or form did I want him to be the common denominator. As my sister can attest to, I kept saying it can't be him. There HAS TO BE some other explanation. There has to be! But over and over I was faced with things I could not ignore or simply dismiss, and they linked with him.

I've always wanted "him" to help me figure this all out, but when he simply would not, I was left with the only other alternative I knew of and this was to go to other people. But unbeknown to me, there was yet another force working against me and this was, as I recently found out, a person had it already on their agenda to get rid of me and this force was already in the works even before anything had surfaced.

So when I did this, went to other people, these other people were aligned with the person that had been wanting to get rid of me. Seeds can only grow in a favourable and nurturing environment, but little did I know I was planting seeds or even what seeds exactly I was planting in such an environment, until I was completely surrounded by the resulting poisonous vegetation. Therefore, I was perceived as the enemy, all the way around, which I have never really been to Hedda. It may appear this way, but I honestly was hoping that at some point he would see it to be better to talk things over with me than sit back and let me just keep going to others.

When this didn't seem to work, I then began to bring stuff out in the open. But then doing this didn't help either. But I was still left with trying to deal with mixed signals like with a heart placed in my badge slot on one side of the coin for example and then getting a nasty message on the flip side of the coin for another and opposing example. How was I to know which way was up, down, or even sideways?


#35 | 2011-09-15 06:25:05, EST | Artsieladie   | Ranking 8


I remember in the, I believe the Suggestions forum, when a member had started a thread stating they weren't all that happy with the search box feature. I also remember how about a half dozen others had also commented about it that they weren't so thrilled about it either. I, too, said that I wasn't, because when it was up onto the page where you were typing, it did get a bit annoying. However, all the others who had objected, Hedda didn't jump on them about voicing their displeasure. Oh, but he sure as heck jumped on yours truly here about mine! He stated that is was so nice of me to hate stuff along with everyone else.

In other words, "I" wasn't supposed to dislike the feature, but others could. He was clearly not happy with me, because "I" disliked something. So what does this say to anyone? It didn't seem to bother him in the least when others didn't like something, but it surely seemed to bother him a lot IF "I" didn't.

So I suppose people are thinking, "Yeah, right, Hedda banned her because Hans placed a message in her guestbook." Well, believe it or maybe go and read what the guestbook message said then. When all the factors are looked at closely, the trail leads from guestbook to banning. Then add in all the previous instances where Hans is in the equation, and each time, something negatively results for me.

Do I even care any more if there are people who don't want to believe it? Nope! Why should I care about what a group of people think, especially people that see me as pathetic, stupid, ugly, and with a tortured soul? There is no way to please such people, when all they're looking for is to make me out to be someone that is beneath them.

For those of you out there who just want to laugh at me, call me names, and everything else you can possibly think of to put me down? Go right ahead! Be my guest! I've weathered storms like this before and I've survived and emerged stronger and wiser than I was before. I AM my mother's daughter! I don't give a rat's behind about people who have gleefully reveled in my misery, about people who have no guts to speak the truth, or about people who would much rather cut down another's integrity rather than trying to cultivate their own.

Food for thought: When I review everything I've witnessed and experienced there is more leaning in one direction than the other. So, if I were given a choice I would have to make of which door I'd pick when one door chosen would mean to save my life, while the other door chosen would mean I'd lose my life and if on door #1 it said: "Hedda likes Artsie" and on door #2 it said: "Hedda dislikes Artsie", which door does anyone think I would choose?

Since I haven't much left to lose after having my reputation filleted and defiled, since all of my work is now going to be kept where I am not allowed access to it, and also now on top of everything, my art is going to be unfairly scrutinised as well, I might as well say it right out loud, spill the beans, because he probably hates me now anyway.


#34 | 2011-09-15 06:24:39, EST | Artsieladie   | Ranking 8


When there are factors and coincidences present that keep building up and all pretty much centered around one very common, "common denominator", after awhile, it is reasonable for one to conclude that what it is all pointing to IS the actual "key component", the precipitating denominator.

Besides what I've mentioned, my Facebook account was constantly being accessed by someone other than myself. If male friends placed gifts on my wall, their gifts disappeared. If female friends gave me gifts, this seemed to be okay. These remained on my wall. If males spoke to me in a way that seemed perhaps, a bit flirtatious, suddenly I would find that I couldn't access their profile, like I had blocked them or they had blocked me. My friends' list kept shrinking, shrinking. My friend requests' list would be up to say 900 and then the next thing I knew, it would be like at say 750 only without me even doing a thing about them. (I know I have too many and I really should go through the list. Me bad.)

Then people should ask Steve Koffman what happened when we were trying to talk over AIM/AOL and how bizarre things became and the weird stuff that went on while we were trying to communicate. At one point he was prompted with a notice that I had logged off and blocked him, but the kicker? I had done no such thing.

I wrote in my secret diary how happy I was about getting a Google ranking of 5 for my Facebook profile. The person whom I had learned about the importance of obtaining a Google ranking as high as possible is Hedda. I was elated about it. But in the same entry I mentioned that Hans and I had celebrated my birthday and Valentine's Day together over the previous weekend (Feb. 12th-13th).

To explain a bit further... Google had crawled my Facebook profile on the 12th (Saturday) and my ranking was at 5 and it was still at 5 on the 15th, because I screen captured something for Valentine's Day a male friend had placed on my wall, knowing it too could go poof. I made the aforementioned secret diary entry on the 16th and when I later went to my Facebook profile, my Google ranking suddenly was at a big, fat "0"! ..And it stayed at "0" for quite some time.

The fact that I had also mentioned in my secret diary I was considering using the fairly high ranking to Elftown's benefit by placing some Elftown links up, seemed to matter not. The fact that I had celebrated Valentine's and my birthday together with Hans seemed to be enough to do something to alter my Google ranking. How such can be done? I have no clue! But I do know what I wrote and when and I do know the ranking I had and then had not ..and when.

I've been told that perhaps, I'm watched closely because the person just wants to feel closer to me. Could be; could not; who knows? I've tried to figure out what's really going on for a very long time. I've made countless excuses as to/for the why, but then when something like this happens, I find myself at a total loss to be able to understand anything.


#33 | 2011-09-15 06:24:17, EST | Artsieladie   | Ranking 8


Needless to say, I became less and less trusting, because one by one who I had trusted, I found out were laughing at me behind my back, telling me one thing but telling others something different altogether. Just like they couldn't keep to themselves what they and I had discussed, neither could those they had had discussions with about me.

When those I spoke to in private either agreed with what I was saying or told me they understood what I was going through, but then out in the open they took an entirely different stance when in the company of certain other people particularly, which then made me look and feel like a complete fool and like I was off the wall, it didn't make me feel like I could trust someone, anyone that would do this to me. Shifting gears, depending on the company one is in or keeping, does not make a person very trustworthy.

I don't operate this way so it's hard for me to grasp onto the fact that others do. I don't support someone in private, but then when that someone needs my support in the presence of others, I don't then "change my tune" and go along with the crowd against them.

It's been said and talked about how I've talked badly about others, one in particular. First of all, anyone I have spoken to, I assumed the conversations were private and I assumed that most of the time at least, I was talking to "friends". Second of all, those I've spoken with have not been withholding of their own thoughts and opinions in regards to others, and also one in particular. Many people gripe to me about others; many people "vent" to me about others, but this doesn't necessarily mean they are intending to be harmful towards another. They just need someone to listen while they vent their thoughts and emotions. If I were to show and tell all what others have said to me, told me about others, it would then be clearly visible I'm no more guilty than others of the very same.


#32 | 2011-09-15 06:23:52, EST | Artsieladie   | Ranking 8


If anyone has any doubts what I'm saying, please go to: ...then go to page version #49-author Hedda (contest is over, 2009, winners' works for 2008 are on the page, the moderators are listed) ...then go back to version #48-author Artsieladie (contest is over, 2009, the "2009" winners' works are on the page, no moderators are listed) ...then go back to version #47 (contest is over, 2009, the "previous" year's winners' works of "2008" are on the page, the moderators are listed, one being Artsieladie).

Page version #49 is a duplicate of page version #47. So "why" would Hedda bring up and replace the newest version with an older, outdated page version ..and for no "apparent" reason?

Because other people laughed at the idea that Hedda could be so resourceful and yes, romantic, especially should it have anything even remotely to do with "me", it became just one more piece to a puzzle I could not seem to fix or find all the pieces to. Because Hedda was nasty most of the time in his messages with me, I couldn't really be sure just what his agenda was. I bounced back and forth emotionally from one extreme to the other, which I've often referred to as an "emotional roller coaster".

From the "hidden from others" side, I saw Hedda in a much different light, a side of him which I grew to like and admire very much and so I did try to make adjustments to meet him on his terms, what would be more to his liking and more to accommodate his comfort zone. I sensed there was a very good reason why he was doing things in the way he was, but since there were so many other puzzling factors, I often doubted my own gut instincts.

I was so frustrated! One minute I would think I'd have everything all figured out, but then something would happen and I would then find myself reeling once again emotionally. I needed to be able to voice this to sort things out in my mind.

To try and meet him on his terms, I used my secret diary to communicate with Hedda. So he knew how I felt about him as he also knew how frustrated I was, but of course, I never got any feedback from him, other than by unconventional means, which on top of everything else, I had to try and figure out just what he meant.

When I went to people whom I thought I could trust, thinking they would help me sort things out, what I had discussed with them then came back to me, but usually with a whole different spin on whatever I had discussed, which I had never intended or said. Then to add insult to injury, people whom I thought I could trust, refused to believe what I was trying to tell them I was experiencing. People whom I thought were my friends were saying hurtful things and making fun of me, using what I had discussed with them, which I thought to be between just them and I, to fuel their ridicule of me.


#31 | 2011-09-15 06:23:30, EST | Artsieladie   | Ranking 8


So I wanted confirmation of some kind as to whom it could have been. I suspected who it was, but I wanted to be sure. Knowing that my "watchee" didn't particularly care for Hans, I decided to give the credit to Hans anyway, making a big deal of it to boot in my "private information box" at the bottom of my Elftown house on late 2009-10-12 or early on 2009-10-13. Because I knew this would not set too well with my "watchee", he would then "have to" do something to let me know otherwise, that it was not Hans that had requested the song for me. There was no way he would or could just allow that theory to be perceived, especially by me and give 'Hans' of all people the credit!? No way.

Not too long after I had credited Hans in my "private information box" for requesting the song, I noticed under "Wiki-changes" the "Valentine Art Competition" page. Beings that it was October, I did wonder why someone would be working on a page having to do with Valentine's Day. Perhaps, someone had spotted an error and had fixed it I thought.

Anyway, I clicked on it to go there to see and when I landed on the page, I saw that Hedda was the latest author. "Hmm.." I thought. "What did Hedda spot on this page that needed correcting?"

I scrolled down and this is when I noticed/recognised that it was now with old and out of date information on it and I wondered why Hedda would bring up old information and make it then as the latest page version. It didn't make ANY sense... at first. However, I decided to look back through 'previous page versions' and this is when I discovered that Hedda had gone back to the last page version that "I had edited AND was the moderator" and then made IT the latest page version AND even though it then made the wiki no longer "up to date".

"How odd! Why would he do this?" I thought. This is when I started to think a little bit deeper. Subject matter: Valentine's Day. What else could be brought into or associated with Valentine's Day or maybe, what is Valentine's Day about? Well, Valentine's Day is about "love". ...And then I thought: "OMG! The song!"

I sat back in my chair and I said: "How clever!" The tears then came, because I knew he was trying to tell me that it was not Hans, that it was he that had requested that song and if anyone cares to, just listen to the song. The song says it all. To this day, every time the song is played, it stops me in my tracks, because it forces me to feel something that I'm trying desperately not to, something I'm trying to bury so deep inside of me so it can't ever resurface.


#30 | 2011-09-15 06:22:52, EST | Artsieladie   | Ranking 8

Pretty much all you've said here would certainly explain a lot. It would explain the mixed signals; out where others can see, the nastiness; behind the scenes' activities painting a much different picture.

No one on the site knew about the heart being put in my badge slot, just as they didn't know that it was taken out when he banned me the first time. He removed the very same heart "he" put in it, because only he and I (on the site) knew "which one" IT was. If he didn't want others to know he did for reasons you mention, then he certainly wouldn't admit openly about putting a heart in Artsie's badge slot. In fact it would make perfect sense why he would deny it ...which is really a shame, because I thought it was an awesome gesture on his part. Hans was none too pleased about it however, but then, I can understand why.

This would explain so much actually. He and I started a relation on one of his other sites, but when I requested a relation with him on Elftown, he declined, which didn't make any sense to me, because if he and I were friends on one site, what was the problem when it came to Elftown? I was also a mod for one of his other sites, so adding everything up, it just didn't make sense what the problem was with being my friend on Elftown.

Not only this, but for some reason he won't let it be known or seen that he's been to/visited my house. His name must never appear in my last visitors' list. But yet, using the "Interesting people" feature, I know he watches my house.

In spite of what's been said to me and about me in regards to Hedda, I've always had this gut feeling that Hedda was trying to maintain two entirely different and separate agendas, one for what would "look good" and one for what was the "real deal".

For reasons you mention, this would explain the scenario surrounding the requesting of a song: "Only You Can Love Me This Way" by Keith Urban for an "Artsie Ladie" (the spelling of is not certain because Blair Garner has a staff that handles the requests for the show) on the After Midnight Show hosted by Blair Garner. The odd thing here was, I had just become a fan on Facebook of said show only a few days prior, which also appeared on my Facebook wall, and which was "public" at the time. I've listened to this show ever since it began airing over WGNA and in all this time, I never before (or since) had or have heard a request being made for an Artsie Ladie period.

At first I thought perhaps Hans had made the request, but if he had, it would have been requested for an Artsie Ladie and by Hans. Anyway, I asked Hans and he said he would have liked to lay claim to it, but it was not him and he said too, that if he had done it, he would have made darn sure I knew it was requested for me by him.


#29 | 2011-09-14 01:22:20, EST | wanna help 2

By reading a lot of what youve written and my friend is friends with a person on et thats part of the in crowd. You are one of their favorite topics. They say things like hedda would never look twice at you, hedda would never waste his time on a person like you cause your ugly and stupid and pathetic, she thinks hedda likes her art but he thinks it sucks, and much more. You are their muse to crack jokes about and some of it is very cruel.

Cause of this general attitude I think hes afraid if these people find out he likes you they wont like him either and they wont help him with his site. When he wighs his options he feels he has to much to lose if he were to outwardly display affection for you but he doesnt want to give you up entirely either so hes trying to balance things out from both angles.

Since many support the former vice mayor and the current one if he displeases her he loses most of his support. The vice mayor now was made so more by the former vice mayor than most people know about. Even tho the former vice mayor is not any longer she is still very influential on the site particlarly where the crew is concerned.

When she found out hedda liked you she added you to the council to look good for hedda but it was for show cause shes been looking for ways to make you look bad so she could use this to eventually get rid of you on the site. She is very jealous of you. She was afraid you wuld replace her "queenship" on et. She has been persuing this idea for a long time and long before the rumors hit about some virus issue between you and she and long before its said you were talking badly about her. She was never your friend.

Please understand Im not in agreement with his methods. By what youve written and consistently I think he is watching you closely cause theres something about you hes interested in. It may or may not be romanticly but if hes having a problem with male people close to you I would lean in the direction he is interested in you romanticly. I dont think his intent is to harm you byut maybe he doesnt know how else to deal with his own frustration where your concerned.

A friend of mine went thru a simlar experience but not on the internet. As it turned out the guy just really liked her a lot but was afraid to show it and he to had friends that disapproved him liking her. Long story short they are dating and very happy now, His friends dont speak to him but he says he doesnt care any more. Hes happy

#28 | 2011-09-13 15:07:54, EST | Artsieladie   | Ranking 8

Ah, but, my dear Hans, all that is being brought out is all nothing but "conspiracy theories"!

Now what to make of this comment:

"2011-09-11 [Paul Doyle]: Again . . . given the circumstances of the badge-maker's banning, the very picky "PUBLIC NOTICE!" on her
house's presentation, and the questionable copyright status of the source material used for her photomanips, it might be logical to get
someone else to provide the badge artwork and other related art. For all of the above reasons I refuse to post her badge art on my
house's presenation though I have mentioned I won the first installment of this competition."

...About my art:

...Stated on:

Particularly this part:
"the questionable copyright status of the source material used for her photomanips"

So now my art is going to be defiled, defaced too? ..And I am not entitled to object? *grrrrrr*

Oh but... it's just yours truly that is being used for "target practice" for pot shots. It's perfectly alright because it is "I" that is being subjected to harassment. Yet, "I" am being accused of this:

"Elftown secret service has made this comment about this member:
Banned for never ever stop spreading conspiracy theories, slander other Elftowners and basically flood new members with lies about Elftown and refusing to leave a lot of the old members alone, while spreading lies behind their back about it."

By the time I am through, the whole world is going to see for themselves just whom is the REAL victim and this bloody banner placed over my house on Elftown is going to boomerang back and bite all those that have used me for a "verbal abuse punching bag"! ..And it's all going to be done by exposing the REAL truth.

#27 | 2011-09-13 13:43:17, EST | Hans   | Ranking 10

Yes, yes, and yes. All you've stated here is true. I would just like to add a little more information though.

Hedda sent me a nasty email dogging you. All I had said to him was make a suggestion by replying to Hedda via an update email from Elftown. I thought I could help the two of you work out the friction between you and he. It was an attempt to open the door for some communication between him and I. It did not work though.

There were two email accounts set up on your old computer. This was done deliberately because the person accessing your old computer would also have access to the accounts' information including the passwords. The email accounts weren't used for anything personal likely as most can understand why.

The invite email for Elftown went to one of the accounts, as did also the nasty email sent to me from Hedda. Because it was deliberately set up as part of a scheme to catch the person accessing your old computer copies were made of everything.

One day I tried to log into the account with the previously mentioned emails and I could not. I then discovered the account had been deleted. This prompts interesting questions: Who deleted it and why? Who would stand to gain from deleting this email account? Who else had the account information, including the passwords?

The other email account that was also set up is still in existence the last time I looked which also adds to the questions: Why is this other email account still in existence that has no emails of interest in it, but the one 'with' emails of interest in it, is no longer in existence?

#26 | 2011-09-13 03:18:34, EST | Artsieladie   | Ranking 8


I had been working on the aforementioned project and I had several canvases open in the process. But I didn't want to have to look through other folders to find them all again if I needed to, so I made a new folder and I titled it "Naughty Gremlin". lol I was saving all the canvases into this new folder, but when I got to the last one and clicked "save as", the Naughty Gremlin folder popped up, just as it did previously, only this particular time when it came up, there was an image in it that not only did not belong in there, but it wasn't in there with the canvas save just before this one. The image was my "Phoenix.psd".

We just looked at each other. I could not believe what I was seeing! Hans said take a screen shot and so I did and I followed through with the saving process. After you click the save button at the bottom of the pictures' window, the window then closes.

Hans told me to re-open my pictures' and when I did, the Phoenix.psd image was no longer where it was, top row, 3rd over to the right. I scrolled down to look at the rest of the files saved in the Naughty Gremlin folder, but the Phoenix.psd was no longer in this folder.

Hans asked me where I normally kept the Phoenix.psd image, which other folder, and then said go to that folder. I did and I opened my Phoenix Folder. I hadn't even been in this folder since the ECM Phoenix had taken place, which meant a long time had passed since I had been in there. When I opened the Phoenix Folder, all the texts under the images were blue... all except one that is. The only image that had black text under it was the very same Phoenix.psd that had been seen in my Naughty Gremlin folder, although only briefly.

With Windows XP if you haven't accessed a file in a long time, the text is then displayed blue in colour. If you access a file, however, it then turns black. Even though we knew what we had seen, that we actually had seen it, also because I screen grabbed it as well, the fact that the text of the very same image that had moved, seemingly all by itself, confirmed that it had been recently accessed that Hans and I both knew it was NOT by "my" doing.

The point to all of this? Remember I had written the secret diary entry for a "particular reader"? The reader apparently then decided to show me they were smarter than Hans. My reader had to then "one up" Hans!

Something similar to this happened again rather recently after having the iYogi Tech service work on my computer, but I'll explain that little episode another time.

#25 | 2011-09-13 03:18:07, EST | Artsieladie   | Ranking 8


Now, if I hadn't uploaded another image after that, I had displayed in my drawing history for the Kura's Colour Contest (colour being gold), I would've thought it could have been lost in a crash, because sometimes crashes lose the "latest" of things, like diaries, comments, and sometimes other items like most recent house updates. But since there had been an image used after the Valentine one, I then knew that a person watching me, figured out and so knew exactly what I was doing and so knew at some point I'd need to bring that particular image back up in order to recreate the day after Valentine's Day... and this is why it disappeared from my drawing history.

It was at this point and time I knew then exactly what Hans wanted me to see for myself. He wanted me to see that "someone" was watching "me" VERY closely and was trying to stay one step ahead of me by moving this and that the person watching thought they could get me to make a mistake, but since I am a stickler for details, I leave no stone unturned. However, by getting rid of the one aspect I would need to complete this project, the watcher knew my only recourse would be to re-upload the same artwork and if I did this, the watcher could then say I had just uploaded it and that I was lying about the day after Valentine's Day.

But at this point I had completed the main objective of the project and this was to be able to see how close someone WAS watching me. The person watching however, did not know I was doing it "to catch them". The watcher only figured out that I was trying to re-create a previous date/time/event, probably thinking I didn't have what I needed and this is exactly what I wanted the person watching TO think ultimately and evidence of being watched is what Hans knew I would soon discover for myself. The only person that I know of that can delete anything like an image in a member's drawing history besides the member their self, from Hedda's server is Hedda.. himself!

But this little episode doesn't quite end here. After I could and did see for myself how closely I could be and was being watched, I marched into my secret diary and kinda' made light of it, but I did so, by also addressing my entry to a certain 'reader' telling them that Hans was smarter than they, because Hans had suggested I do the project to make it appear to them like I "needed" to put the proof together yet and so, as things were moved and then when my Valentine art image disappeared, the "I spy" person didn't know when they did this that they were playing right into Hans' hands, painting the picture themselves that Hans wanted me to see.

I guess this didn't set too well with my "reader", because only a short time later, when I was saving several Photoshop canvases, I had a very strange incident happen that Hans watched happen with me.


#24 | 2011-09-13 03:17:43, EST | Artsieladie   | Ranking 8


But back to the date... It was also on this date that he removed me as the mod for his other site, Elf12, but he never mentioned this in his nasty message. No, I had to be slapped royally in the face when I went there. But also get this... he had told me in one of his not-so-pleasant emails after he banned me the first time that I could do as I wanted with Elf12, because he said he wasn't involved there. Did he keep his word? No! He lied, plain and simple. ...And this was all because Hans and I were to spend a Christmas Day together.

There's more... I have all the evidence needed and a witness that knows Hedda placed a little red heart in my badge slot the day after Valentine's Day, 2009. ...And I also have evidence that he removed "the very same red heart" (not any others) when he banned me the first time. But yet, I'm supposed to believe that someone else put it in there when they can't even really remember and get it straight explaining it and they've contradicted their own story more than once. ...And the reason he did it was because a member dragonspirit had written me a little poem for Valentine's Day and he had also been displaying considerable interest in me.

Anyway back to the heart in my badge slot... Hans suggested to me to make it look like I had to re-create the day of 2009-02-15. As he will also tell you, I questioned his reasoning, because I already had the proof needed and he was the witness. But he insisted and told me that I would soon be able to see why. So I did as he suggested.

As I started going around here and there to try and put such together from scratch, I began to notice things were being moved around. The "comments" button on the diary page that WAS over towards the left, then was moved to the middle. Then all of a sudden the little ivy leaves I had had in my badge slot for a long time, had to be removed. Then the "fan" button had to be moved from the top of the descript area to the the bottom in the houses. But the real kicker? There was an image I had to bring up and make it visible again in my drawing slot, my art I had entered in the Valentine Art Competition, 2009. It was there before I had started this project because I had gone into my drawings' history to look for another image. However, when I arrived at the point where I needed to bring this Valentine art back up, I went into my drawing history, and that particular image WAS GONE!


#23 | 2011-09-13 03:17:17, EST | Artsieladie   | Ranking 8

As you know Hans, anyone that has openly defended me, have then had to deal with negative repercussions themselves or then I would have more crap flung at me. Two that immediately come to mind are my sister and you.

After I invited you to Elftown at the tail end of February, I was credited for inviting "1" member. After you spoke in my defense on my Love for a Community page in the very early part of that same March, the credit was taken away and the number was put back to "0".

I was accused then of lying about inviting you, so I produced a copy of the "invite email" and placed it in my ET house. Did I then have my credit restored? No. It was said by a member that they were supposed to believe that Hedda had made it look like I had never been to the invite page. Well, if I proved that I DID invite a member; if I had the credit at first and it was then taken away after you defending me, and it then appeared like I had never been TO the invite page, which is ON Hedda's site, his server, wouldn't it be reasonable then to wonder if Hedda did in fact make it appear as though I had never been there?

Then when the invite page was reviewed again at a much later date, it then showed I had been there, but I was in Massachusetts at the time. Although I have never been to Massachusetts in my life, this really isn't the point. But the point is: why wasn't I seen to have visited the invite page even if from Massachusetts, instead of it showing that I had not been there at all before this? There had to have been changes made, first to make it look like I HAD NOT been there and then AFTER I produced the invite email, it was made to look like I HAD been there. Even though it was finally concluded that I had not lied about inviting a member, my credit for inviting was never given back to me. I'd be willing to bet the reason why is because it is you, Hans that I invited.

When I wrote in my secret diary that Hans and I were to have a day of Christmas together on 2009-12-20, right close to midnight I was sent a message from Hedda laying into me that he had had it with me accusing people of all kinds of crazy sh**. It was also in this message that he accused me of chasing the former mod of Elf12 away when she is the one that "asked me to mod the site" AND it was in this message that he told me that if I wanted to tell my side, then I could do it banned and by banning me, it defiles my name all across the Internet. But I had also been accused by some of the crew members I wasn't showing anything to back up what I was saying, so I was just saying everything I suppose. But either way, I was damned if I told and showed, because I had just began to bring out proof, and I was damned if I didn't. It seemed no matter how I tried to approach the problem, I could not cut a break.


#22 | 2011-09-12 20:59:01, EST | Hans   | Ranking 10

wanna help 2: I would like to hear why you think Hedda likes Sharon too. It's a little difficult to think so especially since he has banned her again. Accusing Sharon of spreading rumors of conspiracy theories when there's valid reasoning indicating there are makes the reason for banning invalid.

When there's data indicating he was on not long after I made an entry in her guestbook there and the next action of his was banning her, it would then be reasonable to conclude he needed an excuse that would sound good. The first time he banned her he stated she was on a rampage to destroy/delete her stuff. It may have sounded good but upon analyzing, Sharon did not have the ability to do this. She has no control over his server and she did not have the required Elftown priv to delete any wiki-pages, hers or not.

If the people running the site were smart they would have figured this out. If you have people running the site that want to see Sharon gotten rid of, it would be in their interest to play dumb.

I have to say this. If Hedda thought anything of Sharon at all; appreciated what she has done for him and his site(s); ever defended her when he knew she was right, I might be able to consider liking her a possibility. It is Hedda that has benefited from having Sharon around. She has not benefited from being associated with him in the slightest. In fact she has had to endure nothing but frustration because of him both directly and indirectly. Because she cares for Hedda she made excuses for him and his behavior while he couldn't be bothered to cut her any slack whatsoever. I have seen some of the correspondence from him to her. Mean and nasty are not the words for it. He also sent me a nasty email dogging Sharon when he had no good reason to.

Sharon doesn't expect much from anyone but this doesn't mean she should be walked on and crapped on either. She is a very giving person and making another person happy is usually all she ever wants in return. There are people who cannot grasp this concept because they don't give of themselves this way. If they do something they expect compensation of some kind. Sharon is not like this.

#21 | 2011-09-12 17:48:27, EST | Artsieladie   | Ranking 8

Wanna Help 2: I know this, but I also know those that feel this way are afraid to speak out for fear they will be treated the same as I have been.

I have information supporting this plotting you speak of, stemming back as far as 2007 before any of this mess surfaced, but I'm accused of spreading rumors about conspiracies. But by what you just said, there is plotting going on to get rid of me? Plotting, conspiracy... are pretty much the same idea. I've been told there is no plotting or conspiracies going on and that I'm just making it all up. Could you enlighten me a little more? I would appreciate it. This is my reputation and integrity at stake.

As far as Hedda, you think so? O_O Could you elaborate a bit more as to why you think so? I'd be very interested to hear why you think this. I've been told that Hedda hates me and that he just kept me around to get out of me whatever he could. But I didn't really believe this either, because of other things that were going on.

Hedda will never talk to me. I've tried to encourage him to open up, but he won't. Working with Hedda is what I've always wanted to do and tried to do, but it's pretty difficult to work with someone, if they won't communicate with you in a fashion that most use to communicate with. So I've pretty much given up on this. :,-(

#20 | 2011-09-12 14:03:51, EST | Artsieladie   | Ranking 8

Yes, Wanna Help, I would. I have information pointing to "why", but any additional information to back it up, is always useful and welcome. Thank you for wanting to help and for what you said at the end. It means a great deal to me. If more members of would come forward with information, maybe this could get resolved. :)

#19 | 2011-09-12 12:28:04, EST | wanna help 2  

Dont think there arent members on et that dont beleive whats happened to you is wrong. There are many that do. The vice mayors have been plotting to get rid of you for a long time and there are others in on it both on crew and not. Not all of the crew are part of this scheme just some. I think hedda likes you but cause others are jealous and hatefyl towards you he is afraid to show it. I'm not favoring his methods. just sayin. Hedda should talk to you and not pay attention to what others think. I also think if he and you worked together et would again be a nice place.

#18 | 2011-09-12 11:58:48, EST | wanna help

Artsie you interested in why you were added to the council on et and why hedda wouldnt be friends with you on et and why he wont say about the heart in the badge box? I found some info that could be helpful. some is about you and hedda. I think whats happened to you stinks. You always was busy doing stuff for et and nice to people and helping them. Their jealous of you artsie. i think i have some answers your looking for. et is not the same withyou not around evrywhere. et was alive then now its dead.

#17 | 2011-09-11 19:37:41, EST | Artsieladie   | Ranking 8

Really? Good! I don't know about superb though. :P I am a stickler for details however. I can't/won't dispute this. Tell your buds, thanks! It means a lot coming from your team. Thank you, my dear! ♥

#16 | 2011-09-11 19:27:14, EST | Artsieladie   | Ranking 8

*pets the wolfman's wolf* :)

#15 | 2011-09-11 19:25:59, EST | Artsieladie   | Ranking 8

Thanks Wolfman! You're the 2nd or 3rd person that has said pretty much the same thing. But just to clarify here, he says not and has stated so pretty emphatically and pretty heartlessly as well. But now my Hans, he's a different matter. He states he IS emphatically. But then, he's a real Swede Sweetie, he is! :)

#14 | 2011-09-11 14:29:48, EST | Hans   | Ranking 10

You've been busy. This page particularly has gotten the attention of my colleagues. I am to relay a message to you: "This person has missed her calling. Her attention to details most would miss, is superb." Good work! ;-)

#13 | 2011-09-11 03:50:17, EST | wolfman's wolf

arroooooo! :D

#12 | 2011-09-11 03:47:34, EST | wolfman

hey ths dude has th hots 4 u, lady. read other stuff you'v wrote in guestbks n here. he may b clever but ur sharp. thinkin 2 call him rite back aftr 1 of th calls was spot on babe. chicks tht r smart like u r sexxxxy! if he doesnt want u, wanna chat? 8)

#11 | 2011-09-10 22:13:51, EST | Artsieladie   | Ranking 8

Good point JJ! I'm assuming here that you are referring to the "Calls To Myself" page/info. The owner of has made the wiki-page "Calls_To_Myself" hidden from the public's view, which just adds another relative factor, he doesn't want people to be able to see and read the data collected, which then also would indicate, he feels he has something to hide? It just seems to me that if what I'm exposing, backed up by supporting data, is erroneous or not the case, then a person of normal reasoning ability, would speak up in their own defense. In fact, I wish he would explain "why" he is the all too common, "common denominator", but also "how" then, he has no involvement. I've asked him to, and even after he suggested I do, but then he just chose to circumvent my questions by insulting me.

#10 | 2011-09-10 08:00:58, EST | JJ  | Ranking 10

I agree this is bizare. Isnt phone tampering illegal? The info on this page definitly places suspicion on this hedda character. People on the site arent doing anything about this either? If anyone is helping him they could be considered accessories if he is investigated and found to be guilty. I went to the page on but it has been made unaccessible. I was prompted to enter a password now but I was able to view the page before. Since you were banned by this hedda character, I'm wondring if it has been made this way so people cant see the evidence.

#9 | 2011-09-09 14:49:05, EST | Artsieladie   | Ranking 8

Hello Marc... :) Skills? Clever? Resourceful? ...computers, mobile phones, import-export... then there's!

I wrote in my secret diary on CatHug, account #6226, said a certain someone was a "Spoiled Brat". The next thing I knew, I received an email from a "spoiledb622" on AOL AND I suddenly had a "new" contact appearing on my AOL recent buddy list with the user ID of: "spoiledb622". So then I captured the info, placed this in my secret diary. That ended the "appearing" of the "spoiledb622" on my recent buddy list. Just "one" of many trails of bread crumbs!

I placed a gadget on my Twitterscapesdesign website. It was a "fractal art" gadget. The next thing I saw, was a diary entry, with a link about fractal something or other. But I have the info, which I can show about it. Just "one" trail of bread crumbs!

I had mentioned in a public diary that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger had decided to follow me on Twitter and so, I also followed him in return. About 10 days later, there appeared in a certain person's diary, something about his Twitter account, that he had gotten a 'lot' of followers. At the time I was a new user of Twitter and I was on Twitter almost continually and so, I had been just the day before, the day before that, and so on. Everything was normal, the Governor was still following me and I was still following the Governor. But... after seeing the diary entry, I went to Twitter because I wanted to see all of the followers he had, because he implied he had a lot in his diary entry. But he had only "3". I thought "how odd for him to say he had gotten many followers" (I'm going with memory here, but I have this data saved as well.) Then I went to my Twitter account. When I was reviewing followers I had, particularly new ones, I then was looking through all my followers and this is when I discovered that "I" was no longer following the Governor. "I" knew that "I" had not unchecked following the Governor. I was still following the Governor the day before, but... AFTER the diary entry that didn't really make sense, I was suddenly no longer following the Governor?

Unfortunately, when I made a reference on the site about "someone" unchecking the Governor from those I followed, another person assumed I meant her, which I did not, but the person that knew "exactly" what and whom I was referring to said nothing, of course.

...But just another "trail of bread crumbs"! I have oodles of examples of "trails of bread crumbs". The diary I speak of going to, reading, is the diary belonging to the same person indicated in this page's content. I also have FB statuses that are also "trails of bread crumbs", correlating with my secret diary entries.

#8 | 2011-09-09 04:20:13, EST | Marc

This is bizarre but I believe it. A person with exceptional computer skills can do a lot more than most people are aware. I've heard of a couple simlar cases like this. I've read other info youve posted. It sounds like this dude is obsessed. Be careful!

#7 | 2011-09-05 17:23:43, EST | Artsieladie   | Ranking 8

Thank you Anonymus for saying what you said. :-) You aren't the only one who feels this way on all the counts you mention. :-(

#6 | 2011-09-05 15:45:05, EST | anonymus

i know what artsie is tallking about. she is right. other members talk bad abut her. i dont know about technolgy but i can figure out the owner is involved some way. artsie has done a lot for et. i think its wrong how shes ben treated. i wont say my name. i would be treated bad to then. :@

#5 | 2011-09-05 08:08:28, EST | Artsieladie   | Ranking 8


When my daughter tried to call me from Fort Lee, Virginia and couldn't reach me because of the said message, she then alarmed several other people who in turn tried to call me, but they were all played the very same message. Her beau and a couple other people wound up coming to my house to see if everything was alright with me. My daughter was very upset and worried that she couldn't get a hold of her mother! But I suppose some people must think this is amusing?

The last time I had gotten a "call to myself" was on the date shown above, when I was finally able to reach the "person of interest". I did not get any more after that UNTIL I had two right after the non-working number called my number. But even more interesting? These calls to my number, from the non-working number and then from my own, all took place, along with a Helkern Worm attack WHILE I was putting the information and data together on the wiki-page, BEFORE I even submitted the very first version!

Therefore, someone was watching me typing in and placing the info and data on the wiki-page. It is my guess the person watching wasn't all that happy about what I was doing, and so decided to show their disapproval. ...And I will be displaying here the logs and the screen capture of the Helkern Worm attack as well, which ALSO shows I had not yet "submitted" the wiki-page, for it states clearly visible that it is an "empty page".

But... folks... I'm accused of spreading lies and rumors and conspiracy theories. Oh, but... I HAVE done MY homework! Therefore, I WILL be proving otherwise, that I am and have been just trying to defend myself and I will show the data I've collected, so people can see for themselves just what I've been up against and how other people have gone along with a program, a mission, that added to my victimisation.

#4 | 2011-09-05 07:59:15, EST | Artsieladie   | Ranking 8

Aw, thank you, Lisa. What you've said here, I'll try to take to heart. You are most likely right because I do tend to let my heart rule me, thinking with my heart instead of my head. I need to lock it up, tucked away so deep inside that it can't be allowed to override my mind.

You're right about me being too forgiving as well. Even after everything, all I asked was for to be given the chance to understand so I could then forgive the person. All I asked for was the truth countless times and why he began the "I spying" on me to begin with. All I ever got in return was denial, circumvention, insulted, threatened, lied to, and defiled world-wide now twice. He has allowed others to destroy my stuff and now he holds all of my creativity hostage, denying me my right to it.

This is my reward for giving years to the site, doing tons of stuff there for the site and then donating to the tune of over $1000.00! Then to also have some of the people I've donated for "in their names" treat me as they have, is just one more slap in my face.

Yes, you can see it, how I've been treated there, as many others can as well, but yet I've been told and it's been spread all over the site, that it is all me. All those ostracising me are such good little angels and I'm the bad person.

I wish I had known back in 2007 what I know now for I would have known for one thing, that I was on someone's "get rid of" list, instead of thinking the person was my friend. I would have known that the "I spying" was just beginning and perhaps I could have averted the mission.

I'm glad someone else is pointing out the fact that the content on the page is not EVER mentioned, let alone discussed, even though I try to start a conversation about it... and more than once. One person said something about they didn't know anything about AOL, which is not the main focus of the content, but rather what transpired. AOL was only a tool used to pull it off.

Another person tells me I have a tortured soul. I think the person whom was at the root of the "calls to myself" is the one with the tortured soul, whom he is NOW supporting; just became his friend and is now helping him to keep an eye on what I'm doing. Lovely, isn't it? Let's help the wrongdoer here and help to victimise the victim some more!

But... I have more that makes this topic even more interesting, which I will be adding to this page. Basically, I will show how a "non-working phone" called.. yes, 'called' my number. Then my own number called my own number twice and during this action, the message on the non-working number: "The number you have dialed is not in service" was then placed onto my phone number, so when people called me, they were presented with the same message of: "The number you have dialed is not in service" AND I have several people that can verify both of these situations, including a person with an official position in the township I live in.


#3 | 2011-09-04 18:25:45, EST | Lisa (Liz)  | Ranking 7

Sharon, how many times did I tell you, you were wasting your time on that good for nothing site? You are a strong person and very committed to anything you involve yourself with. If people can't compete with your devotion and loyalty, elect to waste their time undermining your integrity, they are nothing more than pitiful wannabees.

Now maybe you will concentrate on yourself and your own work for a change for yourself. I have admired your art for years. You are so talented with so many things, not only art. You have given so much of yourself over the years, helping many animals, doing good for many people, including children.

You are too forgiving and too trusting. People that use and abuse you, you do not need. Learn to turn your nose up to those that are jealous like many have so unwittingly shown they are of you on that other elftown. I have seen and read more than enough there to know what a snake infested place it is. I wouldn't waste any more time or anything else if I were you. You are too good for that place.

If the owner has nothing better to do with his time than to stick his nose in someone else's life and seek pity for himself and punish you because of your objections which you are well within your rights to defend yourself, it says the kind of person he is. A person such as he deserves nothing but to suffer the torment he has put you through. He will in time. All those that have added to it will reap their just rewards too.

This webpage clearly shows all there needs to be shown. The character is involved with something or things he shouldn't be. I can't believe people on the other elftown site can't see this. A person would have to be completely ignorant not to. Some sort of a cover up must be going on there because people can't be this stupid. I have read enough on various pages there, to be able to grasp several are intentionally avoiding issues that will make themselves look bad. They pick out the topics they can use to defame you. The rest they skip over.

On the page about this webpage's topic, not one person commenting has said anything about the page's content which proves beyond any doubt it is being calculatingly avoided.

Sharon, if you can, forget this moron and all the other morons there. Your friends from there will be in touch with you through other means if they are your friends. Move on. It is the site owner's loss for he will never find another person as devoted, as committed, and as loyal to both him and his site as you have been. If he can't comprehend what he is losing, he isn't as intelligent as you have thought him to be. Leave the trash in the trash!

In time you will see the owner has done you the biggest favor by forcing you away. I know you are really hurting over this right now, but give it time, Sharon. You will come to see that I am right. You are too good for that place, too good!

#2 | 2011-09-04 15:58:00, EST | Artsieladie   | Ranking 8

Welcome everyone to my guestbook set up specifically for this website, I look forward to each and every visitor and I certainly enjoy hearing from and interacting with my friends and visitors. :-)